The Marmoraton Experience

OK! You have made it around the entire RockWalk Park…all 2 hectares of it! So what have you learned? Here is the test. 

Between Tour #10 (Fossils) and Tour #11, there is a circular collection of rocks that we call the Marmoraton Suite. All of these exhibits were obtained from the Marmoraton Mine at Marmora, Ontario. Here is the catch…none of them are identified. It is your challenge to decide, as budding geologists, what is the identity of each sample. This is a challenge not unlike the original opportunity for geologists when this deposit was found. Its kind of like bird watching in the dark.

That was in 1948. Based on the earlier success of finding the Temagami copper deposit (Copperfields exhibit MO#4E) by using remodeled WWII anti-submarine detection equipment, the Mines Department of the Ontario government undertook aeromagnetic surveys across the Province in search of mineral deposits that had no surface exposure. That is how the Marmora deposit was found.  

Internet background…seek: Marmoraton Mine Fast Facts – 

Need a few clues?

Go to the Internet…Seek: Marmoraton Mineral Deposit Inventory + MNDM